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Frameless-constructed Loft PLUS Cabinetry collections blend sleek and simple aesthetics with smart functionality. Our cabinetry is easily tailored to your client’s needs with ultimate design flexibility and is the perfect fit for incorporation into a single space or a complete floor plan for cohesive space flow.

We offer hundreds of durable, high performing options in the latest styles and finish trends that will enable you to meet and exceed the expectations of even the finickiest of customers.

Collaborating with all parties, our team of designers can support your vision by applying decades of experience with in-depth product knowledge. PLUS can provide guidance for you or your clients with aesthetic choices, material selections, layout design, structural matters and ensuring seamless integration of lighting, appliances, countertops, technology and design innovations.

LOFT Cabinetry results in a smart, multi-functional space for cooking, dining, working and entertaining − simply living.

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