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Partnering for Success

PLUS frameless, full access cabinetry is available in the styles and finishes that your customers want. Our exclusive collection offer the latest market trends with everything from classic neutral tones to modern, contemporary designs, plus all of the amenities that are in high demand.

Manufacturing in-house means we control and can help streamline the building or remodeling process for maximum profit generation, while eliminating errors that you encounter with other cabinet suppliers. You can count on exceptional quality, durability, flexible design options and comprehensive warranties.

With decades of experience and a sole focus on cabinetry, our expert designers and project managers provide a wide range of value-add services. We’re available to assist with in-home customer consultations and measurements, product selection, estimating and budgeting, and when needed, installations services.

The end result? Cohesive kitchen designs that combine beauty, function, efficiency and style, priced right for complete customer satisfaction. Working with PLUS means more than purchasing cabinetry; it means having a partner focused on your success.

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