Multi-Family & Commercial Builders

The Perfect Fit

LOFT PLUS Cabinetry offers the style, design and budget flexibility to ensure a perfect fit in any multi-family or commercial space ranging from apartments and duplexes to micro units and expansive high rise luxury condos. PLUS provides expansive options for entire complexes with common spaces, fitness centers and communal offices. 

We’ve been around the block a few times so our teams have a complete understanding of the unique challenges of multi-family projects. We provide a gamut of services from ensuring accurate budgeting for rental affordability, custom cabinetry solutions, to keeping you in the know on the ever evolving modern-day tenant expectations.

With in-house manufacturing we can accommodate and manage tight timelines and also guarantee product supply. PLUS‘s frameless cabinetry is a top performer with easy installation attributes, durability, and longevity, providing high style at competitive prices. Our on-trend, low maintenance, functional cabinetry collections provide hundreds of choices to help you create the perfect décor and meet the needs of everyone from millennials to empty nesters.

Use LOFT PLUS Cabinetry to set yourself apart from the others, maximize your return and fill units quickly.

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